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What makes Ebull different in Consumer Electronics?
Based on Core Values Striving for Excellence, bull’s service extends beyond simple product promotion. We always dedicated, provide efficiency & professional service, R &D,product management, OEM & ODM service, Market service, Quality control, creative solutions. Ebull specializes in a full suite of business solutions:

◆ Inimitable Ebull Culture
Ebull brand comes from abbreviating the words Efficiency, Excellence, Enjoy and Bull.
Ebull focus on provide efficiency & professional service to our customer, striving for excellence products; enjoy work with our customers.

◆ R & D Independently
Ebull possess a strong and experienced R & D team. We always focus on new technology, application, and excellent products with great User Experience.
We insist on providing ODM & OEM services to our customers from EU, North America, JP etc, together with R & D dept.As well, Ebull continue investing R & D sources to develop new products, each year Ebull promote 8 to 10 new models to meet market demand, which R & D independently by Ebull.

◆ Innovational Products with Great User Experience
When Ebull decide to develop a new product, we will take consider the factors;
1 Why we need and must develop such product, market demand or not?
2 What is the best sell point for our customers?
3 Which point of this product could be innovational and attractive for our customers, compared with other products?
4 What kinds of customers will choose and favor this product?
5 What kinds of functions is necessary for consumers to choose this product?
6 What ID will be favored by consumers?
7 What price on this products that consumers are willing to accept?
8 What kinds of user experience will take to users for this product?
9 In which use environment, this product will be taken?
10 Are there any extra points will boost customer to choose this product, such as surface treatment, special function, fashion style etc?
11 When consumers choose this product, what extra products that would be possible accept also?
When all those above questions get exact and precise answers, Ebull team will work efficiency to promote this product to market quickly, together with our customers.

◆ Market and Customer Understanding
1 Ebull Customer Feedback and Demand from terminal market , Ebull are proud to have such successful and long standing partnerships with mobile networks, mobile retailers & key High Street retailers. This gives us a unique insight into the market, enabling us to recognize potential areas of growth for our all our customers.
2 Ebull Exhibitions
Each year, Ebull will attend fair & exhibition such as spring and autumn Hong Kong China Sourcing Fair, COMPUTEX TAIPEI, to promote and investigate market’s feedback, promoting much more excellent product to meet customer and hear market demand.
3 Professional Team
Ebull Sales & R&D team also pays attention to market research, new technology, market trend, regional economic, local consume custom, and develop exact excellent product to meet market demand. As well, we will make marketing investigate in plan; hear the voice from terminal market. Should you seek any new products, plz feel free to contact with us.
Via many years ODM & OEM service, we focus on market demand and customer special requirements, Ebull get market and Customer understanding.

◆ Creative approach
We're not just about manufacture products. Ebull create innovative bundle opportunities and amazing products that will attract new markets and add value to our customers without discounting.
Ebull strives for excellence on services, products and solutions.
We believe that customer choose Ebull means choose the excellent products, professional service as well creative solutions.

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